Friday, November 18, 2011

Progress {total} of the 2nd Trimester

I'll start the last update of my 2nd trimester with progress photos. You'll definitely be able to see a distinct "bump." He's a growing boy! {I got bored with the "typical" poses, so I spiced it up and had fun with it...shocker, I know!}

{side view}

Here is a "normal" one.

I was testing my lighting. And it came out to be a decent photo. I have to take those when I can get them these preggers me vein, but I'm just being honest!

This will be the last progress update for my 2nd Tri. I'm exactly 26 weeks and 5 days. As of the beginning of next week I will begin my 3rd Trimester, well according to my doctor, its all approximate. I LOVED my second trimester, but I'm looking forward to the 3rd. And then for Axel's arrival. Without further last progress update for my 2nd trimester of my first born...

How Far Along: 26 weeks and 5 days
Size of baby: 14 inches and 1 2/3 lbs...almost 2lbs...such a growing little man!
Gender: BOY...Axel James Opperman
Movement: We definitely have our hands full is womb personality is any indication of his true personality. Our little man is extremely ACTIVE. His movements grow each day, and he's establishing a routine. He lets me know he's there after breakfast, around 1pm, and laying in bed. His movements are so big that he's shaking my whole belly. I just love bonding with my little man.
Sleep: Like a baby;) The more I read about newborns the more confusing that saying is...cause it doesn't seem they sleep much. However, I'm true to the saying. I'm sleeping soundly. It just takes me a bit longer to get comfy.
Symptoms: I'm feeling a bit stretched as the baby bump grows. I kinda feel as if I've swallowed a bowling ball...ha! However, the doctor did warn that he's looking to be built like his daddy. Ouchie for mommy! And I can't remember a thing. I literally write EVERYTHING down. But I really can't complain in this department. I've been blessed.
What I miss: CAFFEINE.
Cravings: Again, I think this is a myth. Mine change weekly if not daily. Right now we're loving greek yogurt with fresh blueberries.
Best Moment this week: So many great memories these last couple of weeks. We got and assembled the furniture for his nursery, started decorating the nursery, made appts with the maternity care coordinator/childbirth classes/parenting classes, picked out/met with our pediatrician, and lots more like this. Its making it all so real. However, my absolute favorite highlight is watching him move and being able to distinguish his little features. We've felt elbows and I think his little booty. I'm pretty sure he "moons" us often...ha!
What I am looking forward to: Our babymoon! We leave next week and I'm beyond thrilled (don't worry we'll be with family on Thanksgiving-just a little getaway).

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ode to the Second Trimester...

Its been awhile folks, its been awhile. Its been a whirlwind around the Opperman household lately. Between all things Axel, getting ready for the holidays, and busy season in ministry, its been crazy-but a good crazy;) Believe it or not, I only have 5 precious days of my 2nd tri left. I cannot believe it. Its going by so fast. So far, my second trimester is my FAVORITE. So I thought I'd do a little ode to the 2nd trimester of all the wonderful things it brought.

Ode to my 2nd Trimester...

Oh, second trimester I can't believe its time to bid farewell. You brought so many wonderful things, and here a couple to name a few...

No more hanging my head over a porcelain stool


Less trips to the bathroom

A proper baby bump

Great reports from the doctor

Fun with the registry

Assembling of the nursery furniture

Decorating the nursery

Reading, Reading, Reading

Making appointments for check-in, childbirth classes, and parenting classes

Bedtime stories with Axel

Kicks, squirms, stretches, and in general a TON of movement from our active little man

Most of all such a LOVE for precious Axel and an attitude of undeserving gratitude to our Heavenly Father...what a gift!

Stay tuned for one last "bump" picture from the 2nd Trimester. I cannot wait to see what the 3rd trimester brings.