Wednesday, November 3, 2010

cleaning and sorting and packing...oh, my!

I think I could probably end this entry at the title, because that is exactly our lives right now. Cleaning. Sorting. And packing. Oh. My. However, I'm trying to get better at updating especially during this precious season of our lives. We'll see how I go at keeping this promise. I'm about as good as a politician during campaign time when it comes to blog updating promises (insert laugh here). Since I'm making list after list right now, I thought that would be appropriate for this post. I mean, why not, I'm practically making them in my sleep...

1. Speaking of sleep, I can't sleep past 5:30am these days. Between the sun and my endless thoughts of EVERYTHING that needs to be done before December 3rd, I'm wide eyed and bushy tailed FAR too early these days. The hubby appreciates this-ha!

2. School is winding down for Brian...he turned in his last BIG projects/assignments on Monday. And he sighed a HUGE sigh of relief. However he has a HUGE Theology test on Friday, so say a prayer for him! Aside from this, he only has a couple small assignment left. I'm such a proud wife. I'm beaming as I type.

3. The end of the school year for Brian brings the Annual Graduation Ball, which is my FAVORITE part of the year. Everyone gets dressed in their finest for an evening of dinner and dancing at Darling Harbour. Its a BLAST. Perfect way to end the school year. Of course anything that requires me getting all dolled up will be a favorite of mine! I know you're shocked...

4. Brian graduates on November 29th. There will be tears. I'm stocking up on tissues. Words cannot express my pride or admiration for my husband's achievements. I know its probably obnoxious to read about all the gush and goo, but I can't help myself.

5. We are spending a majority of evenings sorting and cleaning for our Giveaway/Moving Party. We decided to have a BIG party complete with food, music, and good company, however, the catch is you can't leave the party without taking something out of our apartment with you. We are giving away everything from our fridge to hair accessories! It should be a functional yet a fun way to get together all our friends. Any excuse to have a party, right?!

6. At the moment, I cry at the drop of a hat. No seriously people, I'm EXTREMELY teary at the moment. Its becoming a reality that we are really leaving. This has been such a precious season in my life that I am going to miss dearly. I've grown so much in my faith and personal walk with the Lord, and made some of the best friends of my life here. Currently I have broke down in the following places: at a cafe getting coffee with a friend, after an extremely encouraging phone call, work, cleaning our apartment, and just walking along the beach over the weekend. You name it and I'm getting sentimental over it.

7. Christmas Music. I'm listening to it. Yep, it is ONLY November 4th and I'm in the full swing. I actually started 2 days later than last year...I don't know how I let that happen! Since Thanksgiving isn't celebrated in Australia (obviously), I start Christmas early! I'm not trying to overlook the importance of Thanksgiving because trust me, this girl, loves me some Thanksgiving, but I just can't resist those catchy Christmas tunes...

8. Speaking of Thanksgiving, we are celebrating with some friends this year! We're doing Turkey and all the trimmings. Brian is determined to find some American football to watch as the rest of us slave away in the kitchen. We will post pictures for sure!

Well, I think that sums us up in a list. I hope this season does find you thankful for all you have. I'm trying to savour each and every last moment in the beautiful country and thanking the good Lord above for all He's blessed us with in this season.

all our love,

b & e