Tuesday, July 7, 2009

pity. party.

well, this week is probably the biggest week in the life of our church. hillsong church. its hillsong conference. some of the world's best and well known leaders, pastors, and worship artists gather for one week in acer arena. its huge. i mean a REALLY BIG deal. everyone who is anyone is there. as apart of the college's requirements, the students are required to serve. so brian and all of the other students are there. serving. experiencing. and loving every second. our housemates are there. experiencing and loving it. and where am i, you ask? i am sitting on our couch with a blanket watching tv. not at conference. and feeling sorry for myself. and why am i not there? well, i am blessed with an incredible job. i really do LOVE my job and feel so blessed. however, we are in the midst of an extremely busy season/translation: i work until 5:30pm-6pm. the evening session of conference begin at 6pm...just in time...right? well, its an hour and a half train ride. i would get there as it was wrapping up. boo. so that is why i'm on the couch during the biggest week in church life. okay, enough with debbie downer. as i was sitting on the couch feeling sorry for myself i realized how much i have to be thankful for...
*time to relax after an insanely busy day
*an incredible job that keeps me insanely busy
*amazing housemates who i love living life with
*incredible friends who will fill me in on every detail of conference
*a PHENOMENAL husband who puts up with my pity parties and loves me through them and teaches me what true serving is
*an incredible heavenly father who i get extra alone time with this week
so thank you for allowing me to get all that out. i feel much better. you never thought you would be my therapist, did you?!