Thursday, July 28, 2011

Advice Needed...

Okay, so this post is especially for all those mommies or mommies to be in blog-land. I'm in need of some baby book/scrapbooking advice. I love being creative and I didn't want to do a normal baby book/scrapbook, so when I heard about this particular creative idea I was stoked! I want to start an online baby scrapbook that also has a blog/journal feature. Yesterday I set out to research companies/designers that did this, and I was overwhelmed with all the options. So this is where you come in...those of who have an online baby you like it? Who would you recommend? Your advice and wisdom is appreciated!

On another note, we have another doctor's appointment tomorrow, and we get to hear bub's heartbeat...cannot begin to express our excitement! I absolutely LOVE my OB, however, at the first appointment you get a pregnancy orientation of sorts, give blood and urine to confirm pregnancy, and thats it! So this is the first time we'll get to hear our precious bub's hearbeat. I'm packing the kleenex. Tear will be a flowin!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Important Announcement...

Yep, that's right, we're PREGNANT! We're both SOOOO excited. I'm 11 weeks, so our due date is Valentine's Day 2012! How appropriate. We've had a blast spilling the beans to family and friends. Its been such a blessing to be surrounded by so many that are absolutely elated for us! But my favorite moment, so far, was telling my precious hubby.

Here's the scoop...So let me back up about a week and a half prior to the glorious day. My monthly visitor was late and I'm NEVER late. I'm like clockwork. So I got a bit suspicious. And not gonna lie, giddy with the possibility we could be pregnant. Woke up the next morning, took the test, negative. I was crushed. And a lot more upset than I thought I'd be. Fast forward a week and a half. Saturday night. Still no monthly visitor. Along with some other 1st trimester symptoms, but I'll spare you the icky details. But I pushed the fleeting pregancy thought out of my head. I didn't want the disappointment, yet again. However, I woke up EARLY, EARLY Sunday morning with unexplainable joy and peace. I can't put into words what I was feeling. I went straight for the bathroom and took a pregnancy test. My hubby was still snoozing in bed. Sure enough I was pregnant. However, due to my negative test just a little over a week ago, I took about 5 others...OCD, much?! And they all came to the same conclusion: I was carrying a precious bubs. As much as I wanted to wake Bri up, I wanted to tell him in a creative way. So I contained my excitement, which if you know me, you know how difficult this was.

I knew Bri was due to be up in just a few short minutes, so I got back in bed, to not seem suspicious. However, I think the smile from ear to ear at 5:30am, might have been a bit of a giveaway. But Bri didn't let on that he knew. He did keep commenting what a great mood I was in so early! I sucessfully kept my mouth shut as Bri headed to prayer meeting before morning service. I made it all the way through student small groups and service. Since it takes Bri awhile to leave on Sundays, I left church a tad early and picked up a picnic lunch, a card, and 2 onesies. I picked him up from church and told him I had a surprise since he's been so busy with work (true, story).

I took him to our 1st date location: Lake Jacomo. We had a picnic lunch. Before we ate, I gave Brian the card and told him to open his present. As soon as he opened that onesie, his eyes welled up with tears and exclaimed, "Are you serious?!" We celebrated over our picnic lunch with many, many tears and laughter of thanksgiving. My hubby's tender spirit never ceases to touch my heart. I can't wait to see him as a "daddy."

Our concieving is so special. We were told getting pregnant would be extremely difficult, and possibly a hard road for us. But our God is ABLE! And we're spending this precious days so thankful for our bubs. Its inconceivable how much I love this baby that I've never met. So thankful. I will leave you with a couple more pics of our special day...