Friday, August 29, 2008

Good-Bye Part II

Sorry its taken so long for another post, but we've been busy makin' memories in Springfield and makin' the move to KC! Our last days in Springfield were so memorable and beyond words. So, instead of me trying to capture in words all it meant to us...we're gonna use pictures. After all, they say a picture is worth 1,000 words, and I think you'll find this to be true....

This is the RBC Student Staff going away party for us. It was a surprise. And as you can see we didn't go hungry!!

What a great representation of the RBC Student Staff...(the girls anyway).

Our last Wednesday night at RBC...RBC wouldn't have been the amazing experience it was without the Bock's!

Need I say more?

Members of the Student Band...what would Brian have done without Tim & Alex?!?!

Silly Girlz
Our last Sunday everyone gathered around Brian and I and prayed for us-how with the 10th grade girls.

(Please read the following in a low announcer voice with much emotion)... Stay tuned for Part III of our dramatic good-bye.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Good-Byes Part I

Good-byes are never any fun. However, if you are an emotional, sleep deprived, and relationship oriented female this is ESPECIALLY true. I've found that I should ALWAYS carry a tissue and waterproof mascara! Our time in Springfield is slipping through my fingers. It seems like that April afternoon that we found out we were headed off to our Australian Adventure, was only yesterday! I realize that sounds cliche, but it is so true. Time has just flown! For those of you who are wondering "What AUSTRALIAN Adventure?!?!" Let me explain. Brian and I will be in Sydney, Australia for the next 3 years at Hillsong Church (FYI...this is the church of Darlene Zschech). Hillsong has a Leadership College where you can earn a ministry degree. Brian will be studying in the Worship and Creative Arts program. In addition to obtaining a degree you also get to do an internship with Hillsong. We are so excited to see the Lord work through this adventure. We are both thrilled about the ministry opportunities this is going to bring. The Lord is doing so much in me (that is a post for another day).

Back to good-byes...we've had so many great parties! The silver lining in good-byes, at least for me, is how incredibly loved you feel. I've been overwhelmed with the amount of love and geneorousity we've been shown. So to all of you who've had a hand in this..."Thank You!" Our first party was from the RBC Student Ministry. They surprised us after service last Wednesday night. I had no idea! They showered us with an array of food and fun. We were also presented with a journal that students and parents signed. This is the best gift they could have given us! And in case you're wondering...I blubbered. Our second party was another SURPRISE! The staff at Ridgecrest threw Brian and I a party complete with all the food you could imagine. I've been bombarded with love. My heart is full and happy, as well as my tummy!

Here are pictures of our Student Ministry Party. Pics of the staff party are coming soon!

Leigh Anna and I.

The boys gettin' crazy!

The boyz and me!

Our yummy cake!