Wednesday, August 31, 2011

i'd like to introduce you to...

12 weeks
174 bpm

We are completely smitten. Over the moon. In. love. We just continue to feel more and more blessed each day I'm carrying our precious one.

Now this picture is a bit outdated (I'm slow, I know), because I'm currently 15 weeks and 2 days!! At our appointment last Friday little bub's heart is beating at 150bpm. Pretty drastic difference in heartrate, huh?! When I asked why, our dr. said its due to activity. On days they are extremely active its high and vice versa. Apparently bub was having a lazy day on Friday...ha! Both of us are healthy and doing fantastic! Praise the Lord!

In other pregnancy news, we went maternity clothes shopping. I'm not quite ready for them yet, but they were having a great sale this weekend, so we took full advantage! It was a BLAST! I thought it was going to be torture of grand proportions for B, but he LOVED it! What a hubby! What a daddy!

Okay, so I know I said this last week but I promise BUMP pics this week! We're having some progress, folks!

We want to hear from YOU...what team are you on...Team GIRL or Team BOY? Leave us a comment and let us know your vote!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

the scare.

WARNING: Graphic preganancy talk will follow. This post may not be appropriate for all males or those with a weak stomach. Or those who hate TMI.

Tuesday August 9th 2011 started out as a normal morning. Ran. Made brekky for Bri and I. Bri left for work. I went pee for the 15th time that morning...not really, but it feels like it. HERE IS THE GRAPHIC PART. When I wiped, I looked down and to my horror I saw bright red blood on the tissue paper. THIS IS NOT GOOD. I wasn't having any sort of cramping, and there wasn't any more blood aside from the one wipe, but I thought I should call the doctor's office to be sure. At this point I was calm....strangely calm. I called my OB's office and talked to a nurse. After I gave my story, still calm, she said, "We need an ultra sound immediately." "We are all booked today, but I'm gonna get you into an Imaging Center IMMEDIATELY." She proceeded to tell me I needed to drink 32 oz of water and be at the Imaging Center in one hour. I was NO LONGER CALM. Reality was sinking in...I may have lost bubs. And I was no longer calm. I was hysterical. In the midst of my tears (sobbing, rather) I called Brian and told him he needed to come home IMMEDIATELY. Side note, I HATE the word immediately now. While I was waiting for him to get home, I opened my Bible to a passage we've been studying on Sunday mornings at church: Daniel 3:17. "I know My God can deliever me, but EVEN IF He DOESN'T, I will still worship Him." Not an easy verse to choke down in a time of crisis. I pleaded with the Lord and told Him I wasn't ready for "even if You don't". More than anything, I just wanted bubs to be healthy and thriving. However, I also believe in the soverignty of God. And in those hysterical moments with my tears hitting the pages of my Bible, the Lord reminded me that bubs doesn't BELONG to me. Bubs belongs to the Lord. And He, if He so chooses, entrusts Brian and I to raise it while on Earth.

Bri came in the door, and I could tell he was trying to be strong, but I could see the sheer panic in his eyes. We prayed together, I drank the LOADS of water, and we headed for the Ultrasound. After what seemed like years....I just wanted to see bubs AND pee....we arrived. After a short wait, the u/s tech came and got us. She put the jelly on my belly, and then....

THERE WAS OUR BUBS. Alive. Thriving. And KICKING like a maniac! It was the most beautiful and precious sight I've ever seen. I immediately burst into tears of relief, joy, and thanksgiving. And I looked over and Bri was doing the same. Our tears turned to laughter after we watched bubs kick, punch, and flip flop! The tech said the baby looked PERFECT and HEALTHY. However, we did find out that I'm a week behind what we first thought. So my new due date is February 21st 2012, which makes me 14 weeks, currently. And the heartrate was 174 bpm...its increasing, folks! After the tech checked me and gave bubs and I the "all clear" I finally got to PEE! I was begining to fear I was gonna pee all over the tech...ha!

After my OB got the report from the U/S Tech, she called me to let me know that everything was normal. However, the reason for the spotting was due to a copus luteum cyst, which is completely normal in the 1st trimester. There is a very medical reason, but I won't bore you. The cyst will dissolve on its on during the 2nd trimester. But its no threat to bubs or me.

This is the toughest moment in the adventures of parenting for Bri and I, but I know this is just the beginning of many sleepless nights and days due to worrying... But I was thankful for the reminder that this bubs does NOT belong to Bri and I. We are just extremely blessed to raise bubs to love and serve the Lord. A lesson I'm sure I'll be reminded of...A LOT!

Be looking forward to pics of our 1st family vacation to Texas! And later this week, I'll have up my 14 week pic! We're officially in the 2nd trimester...woohoo!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

{12 weeks}.

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 12 weeks
Size of baby: 2 inches long and about .5 ounce. Our bub is the size of a lime!
Maternity Clothes: Not yet, but looking forward to it!
Gender: Don't know yet!!
Movement: In the last week , I think I have felt some flutters! It's when I am laying in bed late at night when I have felt this little movement.
Sleep: I'm sleeping great, except for the crazy dreams and trips to the bathroom! I LOVE sleeping on my side.
Symptoms: Fatigue in the afternoon and mild hearburn. ITS ALL WORTH IT!
What I miss: Starbucks. Caffeine in general.
Cravings: Fruit, anything salty, and cheese. I just want to smoother everything in cheese! Don't worry, I refrain!
Best Moment this week: Hearing our precious bub's heartbeat! Words cannot describe it. It was the BEST thing I've ever heard. Funny story, well it doesn't start out funny but ends up that way, so keep reading. Before our dr's appointment, my sweet friend told me not to freak out because it takes a while to locate the heartbeat with the doppler. However I did not listen. While we were waiting for the doctor, I was FREAKING out. I was so afraid we were not going to hear the precious thumping of our little one's heart. Bless Bri's heart, he tried to take my mind off of it, but to no success. As the doctor put the cold jelly on my stomach, Brian took my hand and we waited. Side note, can I just say that process was not comfortable?! So much pressure on my full belly! Anyway, the dr searched for the heartbeat. And searched. And searched. And all we heard was mine. Brian could tell panic had sunk in and he kept squeezing my hand and whispering prayers in faith. Can I just say he is simply amazing? He is going to be such a phenomnal daddy. As my anxiety was mounting I prayed that the Lord would prepare me for whatever was going to happen next. And then it came. That glorious sound. It was the quick thudding of our miracle's little heartbeat. I giggled in delight, and then immediately burst into tears of relief and joy. And I might add, both sound hysterical on the doppler. The dr proceeded to tell us the heart rate was healthy and everything was normal. In my euphoric and relief state, I forgot to ask the BPM. Can you believe it?! My first task as a Bad mom. It wasn't until we were having our celebratory heartbeat lunch that I realized I had no idea what the heart rate was. I went from joy to disappointment in a matter of seconds...thank you hormones. However, I called the dr's office and they were kind enough to tell me. I must say, that wasn't without the nurse laughing at me first. She thought it was humerous. I'm glad someone did. I will be writing EVERYTHING down from now on. The pregnant mind cannot be trusted! Ha! I'm happy to report our bub's heart is beating at 160bpm!
What I am looking forward to: Our first family vacation to Texas! Next week Bri, bub, and I all travel to Texas to spend time with my sis and bro-in-law. Yippee for family vacations!