Tuesday, January 10, 2012

34/35 weeks?!?!

How Far Along: 34/35 weeks; depending if he's born on his first due date, Feb 14th, or the latter due date, Feb 21st. We're praying for the first;)
Size of baby: About 18 inches long and almost 5 lbs
Gender: BOY...Axel James Opperman
Sleep: I'm so blessed in this area. So far, no issues sleeping. I am starting to wake more frequently to pee, but I go right back to sleep.
Movement: He's my little (well, not feeling so little anyway) WILD man. I'm not just feeling movement in gentle kicks or in a nice confined space. He is ALL over. From pushing on my pelvic bone to shoving my ribs, he's got it all covered. Despite the physical discomfort I cherish the signs of life and glimpses of his personality.
Symptoms: Still nesting like a mad woman. More frequent trips to the potty...matter of fact he's began the "dropping" process, so my bladder is getting headbutted by our little man:). A bit of acid reflux, but nothing too crazy.
What I miss: CAFFEINE.
Cravings: Still the same: Greek yogurt with berries and honey, salad with gala apples, dried cranberries, and a sprinking of sunflower seeds (I eat this EVERY day for lunch-so good); and popcorn.
Best Moment this week: JOY. The Lord has really pressed on my heart the importance of my relationship with Him. Which doesn't sound like a novel concept, but I've found myself absorbed in all things of motherhood: nesting, setting up the nursery, showers, home projects, setting a newborn schedule, etc. And the Lord has been speaking to me the BEST thing I can do for Axel is cultivate and spend time with HIM. Are those things important, yes. But what kind of mother or strength can I obtain without him? So I've set aside QUALITY, uninterupted time with Him and made that my focus, instead of the other. And I've experienced JOY unspeakable. And MORE time in my schedule to do the other...amazing how God works, huh?! I shouldn't be surprised.
What I am looking forward to: Our final shower is on Saturday. So stoked! We've been so blessed by the love and generousity from family & friends.

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