Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Showers of Blessing...

As corny as the title is, we've been incredible blessed by some truly spectacular showers. All so beautiful, creative, and generous. One of them was a surprise by my 7th grade girls small group, so there aren't any photos of that shower. However it was super special.

Abundant Life Shower {35 weeks}

Future Grandma & I
A time of devotion with prayers of blessing over our family. I blubbered!
Justine & I.

My hostesses...some of the bestest friends EVER.

Springfield Shower {33 weeks}
Auntie Lea, Nana, & I

Sister Pic!
Amazing hostesses...couldn't ask for better friends or sis!
RBC lovin!
SBU girlies!
Beautiful decor

Opperman Shower {30 weeks}
Spectacular hostess...not a better sis in law out there!
Soon to be grandma's & I

Can you see why we feel so blessed?! Axel is so loved by so many family and friends.

Completely unrelated, I have a prayer request. I went to the dr. today and found out there is a GREAT possiblity Axel is breach. If so, he has 2 weeks to turn, before other arrangements must be made. On January 31st at 8:45am we have an ultrasound scheduled to verify his position and further arrangements will be made based on what they see. We would so welcome your prayers, that if our precious little man is breach, that he would turn. I'm not gonna lie, I burst into tears as soon as we left the doctor. I realize this isn't life and death, however, in my type A little mind, this WAS NOT the plan. However, God is bigger. He sees the bigger picture. And I'm CHOOSING to place my trust in that very fact. These are just the beginnings of my mommy worries!

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